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USA Verizon Blacklist Removal
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Unlock Delivery Time
Average Delivery Time: 3-7 working Days
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Service Discription

This Service Supports: USA Verizon- All Models iPhone, Samsung, Lg…any Verizon phone.
What the Service Does: This service will Clean your USA Verizon IMEI (Device) from lost,
stolen, unpaid bills, unrecoverable blocked status to Clean Status. After Cleaning you will be able to use your device on USA Verizon network, customers have been reporting it working after 1-2 weeks after we complete the cleaning to work on other carriers. (Other carriers take time to update their database).
This service guarantees you will be able to use on Verizon network.

This is a Premium Cleaning Service: This means after cleaning your device, it will work on Verizon with no problems. Due to changing Verizon policy we can not guarantee no re-block. We have not had any customer’s re-blocked but we can not foresee the future.

How to Oder your Smartphone unlock

1. Locate your IMEI: On Phone :Dial *#06# or

Find in Settings-can google how to locate on your device.


2. Send your IMEI number and email with payment. ( IMEI# Will be 15 digit number)


3. Wait for email confirming Cleaning is done- See Average Time

Terms of Purchase
Full refund will be issued if can not be cleaned. If re-blocked within 7 days we will fix if we can not fix we will refund. Their has been no re-blocks as of to date, but we have no say in changing Verizon policy.

No refunds will be issued for:
1. Wrong Service Used. This is for cleaning USA Verizon Device’s only.
2. Incorrect IMEI. Please Double check before ordering.
3. Device already Clean.
Other Notes:
1. This is Cleaning Service only. This service will not unlock your device. Most Verizon Device’s come Unlocked. You will need to order separate service after cleaning to Unlock your Device.
2. This service will not bypass iCloud Lock or bypass activation.
2. Once order is placed it can not be stopped or cancelled.
3. All delivery times are Working days only and are a average time in rare case service may take longer.
4. No Re-Blocks have been reported as of date. Since we can not for-see the future we only warranty for 7 days for re-block. This is the time frame all legit suppliers allow. Must report before 7 days.