Free Phone Unlocks: What you need to Know

Unlock phone free

Have you ever seen a comment or post Free phone unlocking go here/ download this ?

Bet you have been tempted to try.

Here are the Free unlocking facts:

free iphone unlock survey

Fake survey sites: These sites offer “free” unlock for filling out survey. A lot of them will say first 50 to fill survey will get free unlock. No matter the premise their sole purpose is to get you to fill out survey so they either get paid for survey or can sell your personal information that you supply. This is a scam Odds are that you will never get a free unlock. If you do probably will be free jailbreak download that you could have got with out filling out long survey. Best case you just wasted 15 minutes to an hour. Worst case scenario you have jeopardize your personnel information.

free unlocking software

Free Unlock download: If you are asked to download software to unlock your phone be very cautious. There are some legitimate sites that have proven jailbreak software such as the DEV TEAM but they do not post to blogs, videos or other media trying to get you to download their software. Only download software from a trusted known source. Even then, with software altering unlocks you can void your warranty and even do hardware damage if used improperly. With unknown download source you can be putting virus to your phone and giving up all your private data. If you are asked to download software probably are going to get virus or at very least a new browser.

generate unlock code

Free Generated code: Some phone models are able to have code generated by algorithm. Only use code from trusted source. Otherwise you can waste your time, diminish tries and hard-lock phone. Or alter factory setting so phone will now no longer accept any code even the factory code.

Here is a useful site that has reported SCAM unlock sites if you have seen or dealt with a scam site post to help others.
unlocking scam

Best method for unlocking is Factory Unlocking.
Factory Unlock by IMEI
Will not void warranty, No Software to download. Permanent unlock solution. See Unlocking service’s here. 

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