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At&t bad imei fix

At&t Blacklist Removal-Bad IMEI- Bad esn Fix-Unbarring service.

Supports all USA At&t device’s.

att Blacklist removal timei

 Service is Currently  offline. Can sign up on Notify list and will be notified once service is back and working. Notify list sign up located in purchase area. 

Average Delivery time 5-14 working days.

(weekends and holidays not counted)


att Blacklist Removal Description

At&t Blacklisted/Bad IMEI/ESN/ Cleaning/Blocked/ Unbar Removal Service

Support’s all USA At&t iPhone Models: iPhone Xs/

X/ 8/8+ 7/s,iPhone SE, iPhone 6/s/plus, iPhone 5/s/c…all android models All other At&t models-nokia,htc….

At&t blacklist removal 100% Success rate


This USA At&t Device Blacklist Removal service will Clean your USA At&t iPhone, android or any model IMEI (Device) from Lost/Stolen/Blocked/Fraud/Barred status to Clean/Unblocked status. After cleaning your Barred At&t device it will be unblocked, so you can re-use on the Original Carrier or submit for Unlock.


-After Cleaning your IMEI,  your IMEI will no longer be blocked and can be used on USA Carriers once again. 

– If the device has UNPAID BILLS, After cleaning it will still have unpaid bills.

  • If blocked IMEI after cleaning results to Clean/Unblocked status with no unpaid bills, you can use your device on At&t and if unlocked any other GSM carrier you want.
  • If blocked IMEI goes to Unblocked status with unpaid bills, Financing obligation not met….after cleaning. DO NOT put AT&T SIM card inside the device after cleaning.  At&t will detect it, and it will get blocked again: (And there will be no refund for that.)  In this case you can either unlock the phone to use on all GSM carriers except At&t,  Or you can use the phone on the following AT&T MVNO carriers without having to unlock the phone: Simple Mobile, Lyca Mobile, and Ultra Mobile.

**This is NOT a unlocking Service.

**This service is NOT icloud unlocking service.

**This service is NOT FRP unlocking service.

– This Service will CLEAN the device from Blacklisted, Lost, Stolen,Fraud, Blocked status to Clean/UnBlocked status.

“At&t iPhone Blacklisted Removal Service”, “Bad IMEI/ESN Repair/Fix.” Removes From Blacklist Data Base.

How to Order At&t Blacklist removal service

1. Locate your IMEI: On phone Dial *#06# like making a call. Or find IMEI in Settings.
2. Send your IMEI and Email with Payment.
3. Wait for email confirming Cleaning is done. See Average Delivery Time.

Tmobile unbar Terms of Purchase

No refunds will be issued for:
1. Wrong Service Used. This is for Removing USA At&t Devices from the Blacklist Data base only.
2. Incorrect IMEI. Please Double check before ordering.
3. Re-block- If used on At&t with Unpaid bills or The phone can go back to Blacklist status if Lost/Stolen and original owner notifies At&t to re-Blacklist.

Other Notes:

1. This is Cleaning Service only. This service will not unlock your device. You will need to order separate service after your Phone is Unblocked (cleaned), to Unlock your Device.
2. This service will not bypass iCloud Lock, Security measures or bypass activation.
3. This service will not remove the financed status, contract status, or any outstanding balance associated with your device.

4.Once order is placed it can not be stopped or cancelled.

5. All delivery times are Working days only and are a average time in rare case service may take longer.

6. This service currently has a 100% Success rate, if service goes down or for some unseen reason we can not clean your device a full refund will be issued. 

1 review for At&t Blacklist removal, bad-imei-esn-fix, Service

  1. Matt H

    Amazing service you have here! I have tried a few other “remove from blacklist” services and it seemed they always got it confused with “unlock”. iphoneasyunlock was able to give me affordable alternative to just using this phone I bought off Craigslist that turned out to be still in use and the guy stopped paying. So even though it worked for me and my SIM for a month, one he stopped paying it got added to the blacklist.

    They got me off the blacklist! I’m so excited I can use this iPhone again. It was done in stated time and worth every dollar. Thanks!

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