To understand why you should unlock your cellphone, it is important to know what a unlocked smartphone is.

What is an unlocked cell phone?

Typically a unlocked cell phone is a device that is able to be used on any compatible carrier that supports that phone. When we refer to a unlocked phone typically we are referring to a GSM phone or a World-phone that is GSM compatible.
A locked cell phone, in contrast, is fixed to a single carrier. When trying to use a different carrier on a locked phone you will get a message like Invalid SIM. By unlocking your cell phone you allow it to recognize any compatible sim card not just the one it was locked to.

How do they lock a phone?

The “lock” is simply software on the cell phone that prevents the device from recognizing a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card from a new carrier. The unlocking process may differ by the method the phone was locked. Some smartphones require a “unlock code”, This is similar to registering new software. Once the Correct code is type in the cell phone, it will become unlocked-Once unlocked you can use your phone on not only the carrier it was locked to but also any comparable carrier in the World. The other method of locking is requiring the Cellphone to communicate to a server. In the server their are codes, if the locked code is changed to unlock the next time the device communicates with the server the new unlocked status will take place.

Benefits of an unlocked cell phone

A Unlocked phone can save you money in the long term. This is why people are willing to pay upfront for a unlocked Phones. By unlocking your locked phone you will increase it’s value, and you can also save money by having a unlocked phone.

You may ask how does a unlocked phone save money?

Think of it this way, What is the reason carriers subsidize locked cell phones. In other words, give you a locked phone for “free”. Because you are also locked into a carrier contract — typically for two years. With an unlocked cell phone, in contrast, you pay for the phone up front, but you are able to choose your plan and your carrier, and you can make changes to either at any point without penalties. The flexibility of choosing plans and different carriers can be a substantial savings in the long run. People have saved hundreds of dollars by being able to choose a plan that has the best value for there needs.

Using a phone on International Travel.
With a locked phone you will have to contact your carrier to setup a international plan at a extra cost. These plans can be confusing and if you do it incorrect it can cost you big money in extra charges. Example data may be extra, so if you get a large number of email from work the cost could added up to hundreds of dollars. Not to mention that you may not even be able to get data in some areas. With a unlocked phone you can simply buy a local pay as you go sim card , This way there is no chance of hidden charges and you will have the best chance of quality service and data. When finished with your travels simply put in the sim card you normally use.

By unlocking your phone will absolutely save you money over time. Your phone’s resale value will increase. A unlocked smartphone also offers the kind of freedom and flexibility that you can’t get with a locked phone, which may be worth more than just dollars and cents now and in the future.

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